Also, there is no dearth of laws pertaining to crimes against women but the real problem lies in the correct implementation of the laws. Now we are constantly given these sermons that nobody is above the law and everybody is equal in the eyes of the laws but in reality it so happens that some of us are more equal than others.

For example, in Orissa last year the entire State was rocked by the Anjana Mishra case wherein the lady had alleged that the Advocate-General Shri Indrajit Roy had molested her and attempted to rape her. A case to that effect was filed but nothing at all happened. Despite media attention and protestations held by women's organisations, the gentleman is still continuing in the same office in which he was prior to this case coming up. So, what hope do women have in States like Orissa where the protectors of the law sometimes turn into alleged perpetrators?

Regarding the Women's Reservation Bill, I would like to say that I am a student of Political Science and I studied in college that one of the most important functions of Parliament is legislation. However, after reaching here I have come to the conclusion that some of our senior colleagues are totally confused. In their mind, the most important function of Parliament is obstruction! Because they obstruct new Members from talking, at the risk of sounding rule let me sayparticularly lady Members and they have obstructed the introduction of the Women's Reservation Bill, which I feel is a gross injustice done to womankind.

Now, why is reservation brought about? It is to enable those sections of society which are deprived and which do not have the right opportunities. We do not ask for reservation for people like us. We have come through the regular channel of general elections. But the reason we are asking for reservations is for those deprived women who have not been fortunate enough to have the kind of opportunities we have had.

Another thing I want to bring to the notice of the House is that women play a very important role in moulding the character of the children. In other words, when a woman moulds the character of a child, she is also moulding the character of the future generation, the future citizen and thereby indirectly playing a major role in nation building. So, if they are good enough to play a role in that aspect, then why are they not good enough to sit in Parliament and participate like any other hon. Member? I am fighting for the ladies who are not able to come here.

Secondly, it is said that behind every successful man there is the hand of a woman. Are we to go to our graves just pushing the men? Are we not allowed to live for ourselves and have a place in the sun? Is that still our only duty just to live pushing our children, pushing our men into prominence? And who has empowered men to tell us anyway, whether our role is in the kitchen or the drawing room or in the Parliament House? It is a democratic country and I think we are educated enough to make up our own minds for ourselves. What is the reason behind this anxiety, insecurity this paranoia, this fear psychosis which men suffer whenever the Women's Reservation Bill is talked about after and grave thought I have come to this conclusion that the thing which is really frightening the wits out of them is this and I quote Mr. Speaker from Joan of Are that `The hand rocks the cradle rules the world.' This, I think, is the fundamental problem behind the fear psychosis whenever the topic of the Women's Reservation Bill comes up.

We women are not talking the men that "What you can do we can do better". But we are definitely saying "Live and let live" and a confident man who is doing well himself in life will never act as an obstacle in the path of a woman. I am a married woman. My husband is immensely proud of me and he gives me full support. So where does the problem arise? But a man who is not confident himself and who suffers insecurities, takes it out on the poor wife.

In conclusion,sir, the only cure for this social malady lies in education and awareness, setting up of special courts for speedy dispensation of justice, in-camera trials and stringent implementation of the laws of the land.

SHRI AMAR ROY PRADHAN (COOCHBEHAR): Mr. Speaker, Sir, first of all, I would like to congratulate Comrade, Shrimati Geeta Mukherjee, for bringing such a motion in the House, that is, the discussion on increasing atrocities on women under Rule 193.

Sir, I would also like to congratulate you because you have allowed this motion to come up in this august House for discussion.

ɨxxn ʺƽ :+vI V, ɽ i Eɪɮ Vɪ E < {ɮ {֯ 訤ɮ E ֱɪ VɪM* EU M Ei E Eɱ ʽB M* xɨ S E xɽ? +{x ʴSɮ Jx Sɽi * ix nx Miɮ Jc + ɮ-ɮ E< x E< ʽ n x Mi *

+vI ɽn : +{E xɨ ɽ *

ɨxxn ʺƽ : Ex M E EU +SU ʴSɮ Ei * ... (ɴvx) +{ M E< ʶɪɮ xɽ * < {ɮ ɮ ʴSɮ , EU lEM *

Pִƶ |ɺn ʺƽ (ɱ): +{x {] =xE xɨ nM*

ɨxxn ʺƽ : ɽi Mv x BE {ɪ Sɮ +x +{x cE E n E l*

Pִƶ |ɺn ʺƽ : ɮ {] E ɨɪ =xE nɴɪ Vɪ*

SHRI AMAR ROY PRADHAN : It is a matter of great regret and shame for all of us that in India alone one million women are being tortured by different types of crimes every year. Out of these crimes, the percentage of kidnapping and abduction is 15.2, dowry deaths 6.2, torture 24.8, molestation 25.6, eve teasing 13.5 and rape 14.7. It is a shame for all of us that in our country, from a three year baby to 90-year old woman, are subjected to rape. Are we living in a civic society? I do not know whom I shall blame for it. (Interruptions). There are dowry deaths every year. Sati daah system is still being praised at length, particularly in Rajasthan. There are laws like Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 and the Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987.

Roop Kanwar, a lady had to commit suicide forcibly and she was thrown into the funeral pyre of her husband in 1987. It was discussed in this august House at that time and we also took part in it.

As we all know, Raja Ram Mohan Roy fought against this sati daah system. If he would have been alive today, he would have to commit suicide after seeing all these things.

I fully support the view expressed by Shrimati Sangeeta Kumari Singh Deo and also Kumari Mamata Banerjee that trial of the rape cases should be held in camera court so that women can express more freely and frankly. So, I would like to request the hon. Minister of Home Affairs that all rape cases should be tried in camera.

I have gone through the book, Women and Men in India-1995. I was astonished to see how rapidly male population is going to be more and more in this country.

Whatever may be the advertisements on the TV or on the radio or in the electronic media that daughters are better than sons, nobody cares for those. If we see the sex ratio at birth from the figures maintained by the Registrar General of India, we find the male-female ratio as under:

1951 100:100.8

1961 100:102.5

1971 100:106.4

1981 100:108.9

1991 100:110.1

It means, there will be more law and order problems and more sexual harassment. So, we must take some stringent measures in this regard. If necessary, more work should be done in this respect.

The first thing which strikes me is the cultural heritage. It is the mythological culture that is prevailing today in India, that is, `putrarthe kriyate varjya', which means wife is required just to produce son, not for any other purpose. This is the teaching of our mythology. This is the teaching of our culture - `putrarthe kriyate varjya'. Can you deny it?

SHRI C.P. RADHAKRISHNAN (COIMBATORE): Yes, we are denying it.

SHRI AMAR ROY PRADHAN : You may deny it but the Indian culture has not denied it yet. That is our cultural heritage, that is our mythological culture that is prevailing today.

SHRI C.P. RADHAKRISHNAN : In this culture only the ladies have got the maximum respect. You can easily compare it with all the old cultures of the world.

SHRI AMAR ROY PRADHAN : Sir, this is our cultural heritage and we must stand against this cultural heritage, against this mythological culture. A cultural revolution is necessary and for that, I think not only the Government but we, the Members of Parliament and yourself also, Sir, must ponder over it so that we may come to a conclusion as to how to overcome it.

As regards the Women's Bill, it is the right of the women to have 33 per cent reservation in Parliament and in the Legislatures. I know there is a confusion among different political parties. Some parties are very much agitated over this. There is a confusion in the party in power also. At the time of introduction of the Bill a few days back, the hon. Home Minister, standing there, said that he did not like to introduce the Bill because it would create hangama and the House will be ransacked. If we think it is our job and it is our moral duty to have 33 per cent reservation for women in Parliament and in Legislatures, then it is not the question as to who will create hangama or who will ransack the House. I once again request the Home Minister and the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs to bring the Bill as soon as possible and have 33 per cent reservation for women in the country. It is the job and it is the moral duty of the whole House and the country - because we are the representatives of the people - to get this Bill passed.

vE ɮ{inɮ (֨< =iiɮ-{ʶSɨ): +vI ɽn, ix-Sɮ nx < nx ʽ+ {ɮ +iSɮ E ɮ SS Sɱ * Ҩi Mi JV V x ɽ ɽ i =`< il l +x ɽi ɮ i =xx < nx J*

ʺɮ{inɮ Vɮ =E n ʴ{I E xi, ɮn {ɴɮ V, x EU i E* +x ɦ Ei+ E x c M x* x ʽ+ E {ڮ vx x* BE i xx {cM E ɮ n ʽ+ E >{ɮ +iSɮ i , ʤɱEֱ xɽ x SʽB* <E ʱB +{E Exx ɴɺl Ex M + Exx ɴɺl EE V E ɴɺl x SʽB* ʽ+ {ɮ V +iSɮ i , =xE nx xɽ Sɽi * ɽ Ex Sɽi E ʺEE E nںɮ {I i + =E { Ex V * ɽ EEi E ɮ n ʽ+ {ɮ V EU +xɪ i , =xE ʱB n E E Vi * ɮ BE l, xl V, x E E n E >{ɮ +iSɮ i * Ex 498 E n +{ nJM, i {ɹ] VBM + <ɺ Ƥvi {ɺ BE ɪx +ɪ + * ʨxɺ] < ɨɪ nx ={ʺli xɽ , = ɪx E jV E nx ɱ * ɽ x BE ƺl E , V ֨< + < ƺl E |Vb] BE ʽ BbE] * ʽ E E n E >{ɮ +iSɮ * +iSɮ E E E , < ɮ nx ʽ+ E ix Sɽi * ɨZi E nx E < ɮ x] Ex SʽB*

The PHSS, Purush Hakka Sanrakshan Samiti is a registered organisation. It was formed in 1996 when advocate D. Chavan found in Nasik district that about 90 per cent of the cases slapped under Section 498(a) by married women were false and frivolous. PHSS is now spreading out to all other States in India and firmly believes in saving marriages, families and properties through gender justice, and by diluting Section 498(a) and inducting Section 419(b) mentioning `cruelty against men by women'. This is their demand number one on behalf of the gents. There are a number of demands, but I am not quoting them.

SHRI A.C. JOS (MUKUNDAPURAM): Is this a registered society?

SHRI MADHUKAR SIRPOTDAR : Yes, it is a registered society.

ɽ +{xɪx xɽ * V {ɺ ʶEɪi +< , ɽ +{E i *

SHRI A.C. JOS : Sir, is he endorsing it?

SHRI MADHUKAR SIRPOTDAR : Yes. Because I am fully aware of it. This is my personal knowledge because a number of men had come to me in Mumbai and lodge this complaint. The police by taking bribe, and the ransom parties, are playing havoc in the matter. This is also a fact.

Ex xʺEi ɽ E ʽ+ {ɮ +iSɮ * + nx xxҪ n ɨnɺ V x BE i E, Eɱ <ix Ex Sɽi E Vɤ {ڮ i E Yx x , iɤ = {ɮ E< ɽ xɽ Ex, ɽi +SU i * BE iɨ< E ʱB Eix n x +{x Vx Mɴ< - ɽ ɴɱ {Ux Sɽi ? BE p{n E ʱB Eix M x +{x Vx Mɴ<, ɽ BE ɴɱ * ....(


BE p{n E ʱB Eix J M x +{x Vx Mɴ<* ʴSɮ nx E < ɮ Sx SʽB* <E n xұIɨ <, Vx{ɮ Mɴ , Vxx ɮ n Vx ʱɪ* +{x SS E +{x {` {ɮ v E nֶx c< E + +{x Vx Mɴ<* B M E l Ex E Eɨ ɽ n x E*

ɮ{inɮ Vɮ ɽ E xɽ ڱx SʽB, ɨV E +n n + +i nx +M xɽ Ei, nx E ɨx Vɨnɮ * ɮ n EҤ Ec E +ɤn * +Mɮ +iSɮ E |iɶi xEɱ*

We should try to understand the percentage of crime committed by all the people irrespective of the explanation given by all the parties. If you see comparatively, it is, no doubt, notable, but not much on which one should put more emphasis. I am not justifying it. But it should not happen like that.

<ɨ BE i + nJx E ɮ b Ex c {ɮ Sɱi * BE +Jɤɮ ɪ * +{E i Ei E V +Jɤɮ E nJi , = +{E nJx Sɽi * +{E ix Sɽi E VɺE = 15-20-25 ɱ E , E ɽ +J n EE `M* ɮ b E * ɮ n Vix ʡ nJ< Vi , E ɮ n E SS +J n EE `* n ɴxɴɶ =xɺ EU B n Vi i =x V ni Ex <x ʡ nJx ɱ M E, +Jɤɮ ɱ E E< V E xɽ ni* E ɽ ɮ n E ESɮ ? < ɮ ʽ+ {Ux Sɽi E E +{x E < ɮ nx +ɴV =`<? E E E E E ɱi +Jɤɮ B xɽ +x SʽB* E M < ɮ E Si ? ɮ n E ƺEi xM xɽ , ]x ɱb xɽ +< ʱE ɮ n E +{x ƺEi + +{x ƺEi E <VVi Ex ɮ ɤɺ {ɽ V * <ʱB < V E ɤɺ {ɽ xɦx SʽB* <E xɦx E n +Mɮ E E >{ɮ E< +xɪ i i =E >{ɮ ] {cM*

... (ɴvx)

ɽn, +Mɮ E E {i ɮɤ , xi E +{x {ixɪ E >{ɮ ɽi +xɪ Ei * Ex =x ɮɤ E ʨɱi ? Vɽ +{ ɮɤ {ɮ {ɤn Mi ɽ Vn ɮɤ E nEx ʨɱi * n + Ƥ< +xE M] = * Vɤ {ʱɺ E {i Sɱi iɤ VE E< ffi E ɽ E vv Sɱ * +ʡ Vx ɱ n +i B M] = Vi + ɮ ƺEi E ɤn Ei * E < + E E vx ? n ɽ Mɽ j V i i =xE i E Vix B M] = =x ɤ E iɱɶ E* +{ VE nJ E ɽ E *

ɽn, BE i ɦ n + +i EM E E E >{ɮ B ]E-]{{h Ex {ɽ +{x +{ Vɮ ZE E nJ E E E *

... (ɴvx)

ɽɮɹ] ʴvxɺɦ ɮ i Sɱ l, ɨnɺ V ɽ Vn l, x = ɨɪ {U l* nx `x ɱ Vix ɮ ʴvɪE =xE iɮ +Mɮ +Mֱ =` n i =xE ʱB ƽ >{ɮ EE i Ex ʶE VBM E ɨ E Vɤ U^ i i E Ei , < nJx E +ɴɶEi * Ex E iɱɤ ɽ E +Mɮ +{x +{ ZE E xɽ nJM, +{x Mɱiɪ E `E xɽ EM iɤ iE ɽ E Ҩɮ E >{ɮ Eɱ SS Ex =E <V VBM, B ʴɶɺ xɽ * M Eɮ nx E ɨɪ ɤn E , B ɴx * ɽ ɽi ɮ i Vi * ɽ ɽi xxҪ n *

There is a unilateral attack on all the men.

V < n E +n +Mɮ E< MxɽMɮ i ɽ ʺɡ n + +x E E <ɨ E< Eڮ xɽ *

uɮ Vɮ

ɮ{inɮ Vɮ ɽ ɽ E <ɨ Eڮ n E * <ɨ vɮ x E +ɴɶEi * < ɮ ɮ xxҪ n xl V x E * ʨj ɽx {Ui +{E Pɮ E< SS {n i , i E Jֶ xɽ i * n Pɮ cE {n M, i E +{ Jֶ M? Z i<B, B Ex Pɮ , Vɽ 5-6-7 SSɪ {n i , ɽ Jֶ i * {ʮɮ Sɽi E =E Pɮ BE SS {n , Sɮ SSɪ {n M<, i E< V xɽ * x BE +i E nJ , VɺE n SSɪ {n M<, =x x ְ E n* ɽ BE xʺEi , VɺE nx SʽB* BE nںɮ i Ex Sɽi , Vɺ {ʮɮ +n xɽ i , = {ʮɮ E +i E Vx ʶE Vi * ɽ Eɨ E< n xɽ Ei , ʱE {ڮ ɪ] Ei * E Vi E n E Sɮ ɱ MB + i֨ɮ E< SS xɽ +* ɽ ɱ Ex Ei ? ɽ ɱ E< n xɽ Ei , ʱE +i Ei * +i Vɱ< Vi * < ɮ nx BE xxҪ n x E, Ex < Eɨ E Ex +i E l i + +i +{x >{ɮ +Mɮ bɱi * < xʺEi E nx M* Vɤ iE < xʺEi E xɽ nM, iɤ iE ɨɺ E ɨvx E Ei * Ex Sɽi E ɨV +i + n ɮɤɮ E Enɮ il BE nںɮ E l ʨɱE +M gx E +ɴɶEi *

... (ɴvx)