607 Constitution (S.T.) (U.P.) order (Amend.) Bill (Amend. of the Schedule) by Shri Bhagwan Shankar Rawat

[Shrimati K. Kamala Kumari]

consultation with the concerned State Government/U.T. Administration and the Registrar General of India.

It has been suggested by one of the Members that derogatory caste names appearing in the lists of Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes may be removed. I want to make it clear that the Government is already seized of the issue and the States/Union Territories have been requested to suggest alternative names.

Some Members have suggested that a common list of Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes throughout the country may be prepared. But I would like to tell my friends that the Socioeconomic and educational conditions of the communities/castes/tribes vary from State to State and within a State from region to region and it will, therefore not be proper to generalise any caste as a Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe in the whole country. Further, the present Constitutional provisions under Article 341 and 342 also envisage preparation of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe lists in respect of each State/Union Territory separately.

Some of the Members have suggested that severe punishment may be given to those who obtain bogus Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe certificates. We have already issued necessary instructions to the State Governments/Union Territories to take strict measures to detect bogus cases and impose appropriate penalties and take legal action against bogus certificate holders and also those who were responsible for the issue of such certificates.

I would request the hon. Member to withdraw his Bill in view of the comprehensive exercise of revision of lists being undertaken by the Government.


SHRI BHAGWAN SHANKAR RAWAT: (Agra): Mr. Chairman, Sir, a along debate

608 Constitution (S.T.) (U.P.) order (Amend.) Bill (Amend. of the Schedule) by Shri Bhagwan Shankar Rawat

was held on the subject here in the House. As Mr. Deputy Speaker just now said that 17 members have participated in this discussion and I would like to thank all those 17 hon. Members, who have expressed their opinion on the Bill moved by me and gave their support, In this connection, I would like too submit just two things the first issue is connected with this Bill and the second issue which I will separately put forth is related to the Scheduled Castes.

I would like to request the Central Government that it should make an immediate announcement to include 'Banjara' tribe in the list of the Scheduled tribes by making necessary amendments in the Constitution and a time limit should be fixed in this connection.

Undoubtedly, the hon. Minister has just now given an assurance in this regard in the House, but still I would like to submit that a time limit should also be attached to this assurance, otherwise it will linger on. 'Banjara' tribe at parent has not been extended the full facilities, they are entitled to.

Secondly, I do not agree with the statement of the hon. Minister that the Socioeconomic conditions of the Communities/ castes vary from state to state and even from region to region. It is likely to cause a setback to our national integration programme as one of our hon..

colleagues has expressed his sorrowful views in this regard. So a backward caste it identified as backward caste, in any of the state, should be recognised as backward caste throughout the country. It will help in curbing the tendency of detaining bogus certificates.

Thirdly, I would like to submit that the Government of India should set up a commission to look into the veracity of the claims of various casts and tribes of the country for inclusion in the list of the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and the backward communities as per the criteria laid down in this regard. If any Caste/tribe fulfills the criteria ft should be included in the said list. To end all such disputes regarding the inclusion of castes in the said list, the commission should look into the claims of 609 Constitution (S.T.) (U.P.) order (Amend.) Bill (Amend. of the Schedule) by Shri Bhagwan Shankar Rawat

various castes and tribes, and only then the dream of social justice will be materialised.

In addition, there is a need to further classify the castes which are considered socially and economically more backward. Among the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and the backward in view of the Supreme Courts recent Judgement. l would like to submit that the proposed commission must classify among the backwards who are more backward and how are less backward. ft in addition there is any need to amend the constitution then the Government should go ahead with it without any hitch, because the Constitution is for the people and not vice versa. Therefore the constitutional measures must be taken at the earliest.

I would also like to say that a commission should be set up and it should be ensured that the people who are demanding for their inclusion in the list of backward classes, do really deserve for that, because a number of people belonging to these castes have become affluent, and they cannot be put in the list of poor class and they do not need any sort of reservation. Hunger disturbs both the rich and the poor alike irrespective of caste. Therefore, this issue needs to be looked into on the basis of poverty viz who in the society are really in need of reservation. The Commission should also chalk out norms for providing social justice and security to the poor. who are not covered within the ambit of reservation, but are actually in need of it. For achieving the desired results of reservation it should not happen that the Government should talk only in terms of the Government jobs, because I know that the lakhs of people belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled tribes and backward are in search of jobs and I may say more than half of the population of the country has come in the reserved category and all of them cannot be made the collectors or the prime Ministers. Nowadays a few politicians to talk of the entry In the Government jobs and play with their sentiments, but are not really sincere about their welfare.

I do favour that the backwards In large and large numbers should become the IAS

610 Constitution (S.T.) (U.P.) order (Amend.) Bill (Amend. of the Schedule) by Shri Bhagwan Shankar Rawat

officers, the Prime Minister and the Ministers, but all of them definitely cannot be accommodated. Therefore, I would like to submit that the Government should evolve such economic policies as the welfare and upliftment of the Scheduled castes, the Scheduled Tribes and the backwards may be ensured. I would like to make a submission that the 'Jatavs' are traditionally associated with the leather industry, but nowadays their plight is so bad that they are on the verge of starving 'Kumhar' caste was traditionally engaged in the pottery making and was also known as 'Prajapati' but now a days they are starving because of the wrong policies of the Government. Earlier the railways used to procure earthen glasses and earthen pots, in summer, but now the railways have replaced these items by the items made of plastics. Since then, the plight of the 'Parjapati' has become deplorabloe, because the railways were the largest buyers of their goods.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, I would like to submit that in the name of the change and the liberation of the bonded workers, there is a conspiracy to render the carpet, weavers unemployed. The people of 'Kori' caste, who are traditionally engaged in carpet weaving and are also passing on the skills to their children are being arrested in the name of the liberation of the bonded workers, but the Government has made no alternative arrangements for the livelihood and the education of their children. Therefore, I would like to submit that the laws for the welfare of the backwards and for the generation of jobs for them should be enacted. All this gimmickery and political stunts will not do any good. Therefore, the proposed Commission should also look in to the reasons for the constant backwardness of the backwards, the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes during the last 44 years and also suggest the measures to be taken to remove these hindrances.

Mr. Chairman, Sir, with these words I hope that the present Government will not adopt am evasive policy Like the previous Governments headed by Shri V.P. Singh and Rajiv Gandhi as has already been referred to my me at the begining of my speech. The

611 Rly. Protection Force (Amend.) Bill (substitution of new long title for long title, etc.) by Shri Basudeb Acharia

[Sh. Bhagwan Shankar Rawat]

Government should not indulge in the evasive taxies of reconsidering and reviewing the issue and the scheme. There is a need to display tremendous will power to go ahead on the subject.

With these words I conclude my speech.


MR. CHAIRMAN: Are you withdrawing the Bill?

SHRI BHAGWAN SHANKAR RAWAT: I seek leave of the House to withdraw my Bill.

MR. CHAIRMAN: Has the hon. member leave of the House to withdraw his Bill?


The Bill was, by leave, withdrawn.


19.08 hrs.