With these words I conclude.

SHRI RAMASHRAY PRASAD SINGH (Jahanabad): I would like to raise 2- 3 points. My first submission is that the railway line from Patna to Gaya is very old. Since 1984, we have been demanding for converting this line into broad gauge. It is a very backward area which has been turning sensitive like that of Punjab and Assam. Fathuha-Islampur is a metre gauge line which was constructed by Martin company and now it has been closed. The only means of transport available to the people of this area is bus. People have to bear heavy expenses by travelling by this mode of transportation. Besides, it is very inconvenient also.

I would like the Government to get a survey conducted in that area and extend the railway line from Patna via Bodhgaya to Hazaribagh.

Hazaribagh is the district headquarter, but no railway line has been constructed there so far. The Government should kindly pay attention to it.

You have withdrawn all the stream engines and this has led to the retrenchment of labourers. There the labourers were engaged by the contractors. Those labourers are very poor. About two hundred such poor labourers in Bodhgaya have become jobless and thousands of these labourers and their families are on the verge of starvation. This case has been filed in the Patna High Court. The Court has given an interim order and has directed that these labourers should be given jobs until the final verdict but the railway department is not ready to honour the court decision. You say that the person who does not obey court verdict is an offender and that 'Jungle Raj' prevails at such a place.

But this is an interim verdict only. The labourers would obey the court order and you will also have to obey that. I had a talk with the DRM Mugalsarai in this connection yesterday and today also. He has assured me that an officer

662 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways), 1992-93 and Demands for Excess Grants (Railways), 1988-89

was being deputed to seek legal advice and that whatever advice he will give, it will be conveyed to me.

My other demand is that the Government should give licence to hawkers. Hawkers sell things without any licence; police personnel take bribe from them and sometimes even beat them. But they are helpless and have to do their work in the same circumstances. The Government would earn about Rs. 60 crores by issuing licence to them.

Therefore, licence should be given to them.

Bungling of crores of rupees take place in Railways. There is an officer in the Parcel office in commercial department in Danapur who is said to have an earning of about Rs. 10,000/- per day. Another officer of the same department told me that despite repeated complaints lodged against him, no action is being taken against him.

Such malpractices should be checked. It can be utilised for the development purposes.

With these words I conclude.


SHRI BIR SINGH MAHATO (Purulia): Madam Chairman, first of all, I would like to congratulate the hon. Minister for taking up conversion of Purulia-Kotsila rail line from narrow-gauge to broady gauge. I would like to suggest some pointed questions. There is Muri-Barkakhana passenger train which runs only 59 kilometres in a day. I wrote a letter to the hon. Minister. I suggest that this train should be extended up to Tatanagar. There is another short distance train from Dhanbad to Bokaro which runs only for 50 kilometres and detains for eight hours. It is running at loss, it will be profitable if it will be extended upto Muri. I also suggest that a new train from Haldia to Bokaro should be opened and for this purpose, a new railway line form Jhargram to Burdwan should be included in the next Railway Budget for which a survey should be made. I also request the hon. Minister for extension of Purulia-Howrah Express train to be extended upto Bharabhum which is a big business centre. I also request the Railway Minister for opening of an express

663 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways), 1992-93 and Demands for Excess Grants (Railways), 1988-89

train from Bokaro to Howrah and Chakradharpur-Howrah passenger train should not be bifurcated.


SHRI MANIKRAO HODLYA GAVIT (Nandarbar): Madam Chairman, first of all I thank the hon. Minister of Railways for making the provision of diesel engines to the trains being operated at Surat-Bhusawal under Western Railway zone.

Surat-Bhusawal line is a 335 km, long railway line under Western Railway Zone. The Surat-Udhna is a 10 km. double railway line, while Bhusawal-Jalgaon is a 22 km. double railway line. The construction work of 22 km. double railway line between Jalgaon and Amalner started in 1988 but has not been completed so far. The speed of the work is almost nill. So far as I know no funds have been earmarked for this project in the Railway Budget of the financial year 1992. The railway line passes through Surat, Bhusawal and the tribal areas of Gujarat and Maharashtra. I would like the hon. Minister of Railways to sanction funds for the project in the current financial year and get the construction work started at the earliest. This railway line was constructed during British rule. The Government of India did not pay adequate attention to it, due to which it has been lying in a bad condition. The hon., Minister of Railway should kindly pay attention to it.

Bombay-Delhi Rajdhani Express should be given a halt at Surat. A Railway gate should be constructed and a railway gatemen be deployed for 24 hours in order to avoid accidents. At present AC Express from Bombay to Delhi and vice-versa is operating but it does not have the provision of second class sleeper.This provision shouldbe made in it so that a companion may be adjusted there. The hon. Minister may kindly pay attention to it.

I support the demands for grant, of Ministry of Railways and hope that the hon. Minister of Railways would pay attention to what I have submitted.

664 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways), 1992-93 and Demands for Excess Grants (Railways), 1988-89

SHRI G.L. KANAUJIA (Kheri): I belong to the Lakhimpury Kheri area which is extremely backward, the area where there is only a narrow gauge and not broad gauge line.

The distance from Lucknow to this area is about 175 km. and about 150 km. if we go via Bareilly. The condition of the railway line in this area is very bad. Therefore, Mr. Minister, Sir, I would like to submit to you that their condition should be improved.

Secondly, the area in Kheri where the railway line Passes is inhabited by dense population. But there is no over bridge. Therefore, I would like the hon. Minister to provide this facility.

Thirdly, three members travel in train from Shahjehanpur myself from Lakhimpur, Shri Janardhan Mishra from Sitapur, Shri Surendra Pathak and Shri Satypal Singh, and Shri Chimayan and and sometimes Shri Parshuram Gangwar from Shahbad. I would like to hon. Minister to make the provision of the halt of this train at this railway station.

Six Members would avail the facility to got in the train at this railway station. Besides, as Shri Rajveer Singh has already pointed out that there is no train from Delhi to this area and vice-versa in the morning. I agree to what Shri Rajveer Singh has pointed out.

Bareilly Express starts at 6.30 A.M. and reaches Delhi at 10 A.M. My submission to the hon. Minister is that the route of this train should be extended to Shahjahanpur.

One thing more, a metre gauge Khotar railway line which was constructed during the British rule in 1913 was dismmitted. The distance from Shahjehanespur to Farukhabad is 70km., if we go via Bareilly the distance is about 300 km. and if we go via Kanpur- Lucknow, the distance is about 550 km. A railway line was proposed to be constructed this route. But I don't know what happened to that proposal. The matter should be taken for reconsideration. This railway line should be extended from Farukhabad Shahjehanpur to Khotar. This would be a matter of great public convenience. The most important factor is that Tehsil Palia

665 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways), 1992-93 and Demands for Excess Grants (Railways), 1988-89

[Sh. G.L. Kanaujia]

happens to be a terrorist area. There being a narrow gauge facility, no Express trains goes there. My submission is that the train service should be extended from Khotar via Chandanchauki, Gaurafanta, Palia to Gola and then to Sitapur and Lucknow via Kheri. It takes 11 hours to reach the destination covering the total distance of about 160-170 km.

Therefore, I would submit to run at least one train to chandan chauki.

It is an extremely backward area inhabited by Tharu Scheduled tribe.

The Government will have to take the measures to provide facility to the people of Tharu community and Harijans.

Before I conclude, I would urge the hon. Minister to take the required measures in regard to Palia-Chandanchauki and Gaurifants- Sitapur railway lines for the convenience of the people.


SHRI SUDARSAN RAYCHAUDHURI (Serampore): While supporting the for a seven-day Rajadhani Express on Howarh-Delhi route, I also demand that it should be speedier too. At present, normally it takes about 18 hours, if not more. I suggest that it should not take more than 14 hours. I also request that a new superfast express on the lines of the Shatabdi Express should be introduced on Howrah-Delhi line.

My second demand is that all important trains should halt at Bally station, which is a confluence of three important sections of Eastern and South Eastern Railway. Haltage of all major trains at Bally facilitates smooth running of trains as also smooth inflow and outflow of passengers. Therefore, this may please be considered.

Regarding Howrah-Amta railway, I may inform the hon. House that the foundation stone for this line was laid by late Mrs. Indira Gandhi during the Eighties. But till now, only a track upto Bargachia has been completed. The trains run on this line are also very infrequent.

We demand that the Howrah Amta-Chapadanga railway project be 666 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways), 1992-93 and Demands for Excess Grants (Railways), 1988-89

translated into reality and implemented immediately. More trains should run between Howrah and Bargachia.

Dankuni and Serampore stations in Howrah-Burdwan Port and Howrah Burdwan Mainland respectively should have computerised booking counters. This is urgently necessary.

As regards the Metro Railway, there are two projects from Dakshineswar to Gada and Ramrajatala to Salt Lake stretch, which should be looked into. Acquisition of land and other primary work should be undertaken immediately so that time may not be lost and the expertise that we have acquired during construction of the present stage of Metrorail should not be wasted. So, this should be done.

Lastly, bearing in mind that the Railways have a great intergrating role to play, Rajdhani Express should be introduced immediately between Delhi-Madras, Delhi-Guwahati, Delhi-Bangalore and Delhi-Trivandrum.


SHRIMATI SAROJ DUBEY (Allahabad): Madam Chairman, I rise to oppose the Suplementary demands for grants. While preparing this Railway Budget gross injustice has been done against the North India.

I would like to point out to the hon. Minister that the Government is frequently increasing the rail-fares but it not paying any attention to the facilities for passengers. The second class compartment is always found dirty. Due to non-availability of light in the 2nd class coaches, the passengers face a lot of difficulties and most of the accidents occur for want of light.

Secondly, I would like to state that the then Minister of Railways, Shri A.B.A. Ghani Khan Chudhary had proposed to set up a Zonal Headquarters in 1983-84 at Allahabad. Eight years have passed since then, but the Government has not bothered to open a file regarding setting up of a zonal headquarters there. I would like to remind the hon. Minister of Railways that he has informed me through 667 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways), 1992-93 and Demands for Excess Grant (Railways), 1988-89

a letter that due to financial constraints; it is not possible to set up the Headquarters at Allahabad. But I would like to point out that all the necessary facilities have been provided to the South India. I would like to know as to why the financial constraints did not come in the way for providing facilities to the South India. The Zonal office of Northern Railways is located in Baroda House, Delhi. The proposed headquarters of Zonal office at Allahabad should be set up after reconstituting the Northern and Central Zones. The Government should pay its attention to this long outstanding demand.

Thirdly, the former Minister of Railways Shri Janeshwar Mishra had laid the foundation of the Rail Yatri Niwas at Allahabad. That work has come to a standstill completely. The Government might be knowing that Allahabad is an important city. This city is famous for its social, educational, religious and industrial importance. There are number of headquarters of different offices and High Court. Due to this reason many people usually visit the place daily. It is, therefore, essential to set up a Rail Yatri Nivas there. Some important trains have no stoppage there; these trains must have a stoppage there.

Madam Chairman, I would also like to point out one more thing that after 45 years of Independence even today. There is no gate on Railway Crossings at Anwal, Samhan and Sosoi which fall under my constituency, Allahabad. As a result of it, accidents take place usually. Sometimes the entire bus full of passengers and people riding on tractors fall victims of fatal accidents. So it is very essential to have an interlocking railway gate at every railway crossing.

Moreover, the former Minister of Railways Shri Janeshwar Mishra had announced during the course of discussion held on the vote on account 1990-91, to introduce a new train direct between Agra and Allahabad. As the hon. Minister himself knows the importance of Allahabad city the Government should not treat this city as a neglected one and early efforts should be made to materialise the announcements made by the former Railway Ministers.

668 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways), 1992-93 and Demands for Excess Grants (Railways), 1988-89

Madam Chairman, a great negligence is being shown while providing employment on compassionate ground, in the Railway department, causing starvation to the families of Railway employees who die during the period of their service. I, therefore, would like to request that there social be no delay at least in providing employment on compassionate ground to the members of the deceased families.


MR. CHAIRMAN: Now, I call upon the Hon. Minister to reply.

THE MINISTER OF STATE IN THE MINISTRY OF RAILWAYS (SHRI MALLIKARJUN): You may kindly give opportunity to some more Members to that by that time the Minister will come to the House. (Interruptions) [Translation]

SHRI LAKSHMI NARAIN MANI TRIPATHI (Kaiserganj): Please, allow me also an opportunity to put my views. I have not been provided any opportunity to speak even for a minute. (Interruptions)

MR. CHAIRMAN: First you sit down please. You should not speak like this. The smooth running of the proceedings in the House depends on all of you. (Interruptions)

SHRI RAM NIHOR RAI (Robertsganj): I too was not given any time to speak. I too have to express my views..


SHRI ACHARYA VISHWANATH DAS SHASTRI (Sultanpur): Would you not allow me to speak? I have been sitting here for two hours, but I have not been given an opportunity to speak..(Interruptions)


MR. CHAIRMAN: Will you please sit down.


669 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways), 1992-93 and Demands for Excess Grants (Railways), 1988-89

MR. CHAIRMAN: I call upon the hon. Minister to speak. Many people have missed their chances. You can speak to the Minister. Please maintain the discipline of the House.



Chairman, I am grateful to the hon. Members who have participated in the discussion. I have been greatly benefited by their valuable suggestions. In fact, when I was listening to the debate, I was wondering whether I have come before the House for Supplementary Grants or whether I have presented another Budget. I do appreciate the anxiety, the interest of the Members because everybody in our country needs development I wish I would have been in a position to take more work, if the Planning Commission would have been able to permit me or you have given me more allocation.

Madam, as you know, I have come before the House for a limited purpose. But I can assure that it shall be our endeavour to keep these suggestions in mind for implementation wherever possible.

Sixteen new projects of gauge conversion totalling 3352 kms were included in the Budget of 1992-93. During the Budget discussions, many of my colleagues wanted me to take up some more works in the current year itself. While replying to these discussions, I had indicated that gauge conversion of Purulia-Kotshila, Madras-Tiruchhirappalli and Kotakpura-Fazlka Section will be undertaken in 1992-93. In addition, the electrification of Bendel-Katwa Section was also proposed to be taken up in the current year. Accordingly, in my statement which I made in the House on the 5th May, 1992, I had stated that for making an immediate start to these works, each of which constitutes a new services, money was being withdrawn from the Contingency Fund of India and that the money so withdrawn will be recouped through the Supplementary Demands for Grants.

670 Supplementary Demand for Grant (Railways), 1992-93 and Demands for Excess Grants (Railways), 1988-89

Madam, Purulia-Kotshila is a 33 kms. narrow gaugeline linking Chandil-Adra & Muri-Gomoh Broadgauge lines. The conversion of this section will provide operational flexibility and generate adequate capacity for handling broad gauge traffic.

Kotkapura-Fazilka section is the only metre gauge line in the State of Punjab connecting border town of Fazilka with Bhatinda via Kotkapura. Conversion of this line will provide a shorter route from the cantonment two of Bhatinda to Fazilka on the broad gauge by 55 kilometres, apart from avoiding transhipments.

Conversion of Madras-Trichy section will meet the long standing aspirations of the people of Tamil Nadu and will quicken the development of South Tamil Nadu.